Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bored Day

Morning wake up early and go Damai to eat breakfast with my father came back last week and want leave here again today...he is having fever...he look so tired and no mood:( After breakfast, we go to a bookshop...i have buy two present for my is his birthday... Evening i am boring and start taking photo and don want to do revision and anymore...i want relax but don know want do what...every day learn Chinese, bahasa Malaysia, English, math, science, geography, sejarah, kh, computer, history, art, etc......that's so bored... Want go shopping but now is raining...haiz...later will go lintas then go church... Now i amazing i am shopping, drink yoyo, eat japaness food, go cinema, making joke with friend, buy bag, buy shoes, buy clothes,etc.....hahahaXD

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